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The First Step…

Every journey begins with a single step. 

Cliche, perhaps, but if you ask me, no truer words were ever spoken. That one small step could be the start of a grand journey.  So even the smallest of steps are to be recognized as an achievements.

Today, I take one small step in an attempt to start a new journey.  I finally throw perfection and fear of failure to the wind.  Because there is no “perfect” and there is no “failure” in the game of self expression.

I want this blog to be a force for positive change.  A way to encourage girls and women to be true to themselves. To build confidence.  To spread awareness of the lies and unrealistic expectations generated by the media and society. I want this to be a celebration of imperfection and therefore written in an imperfect way with no intentions of pleasing anyone and no expectations to be the ideal example for anyone.  Because I am just as much stumbling through this journey as anyone else.

If I could sum up my wishes into a short little blip, it would be this:

I want everyone, including myself, to realize…

You are priceless.


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